TNAH Features Disruptive Envelope Sealing Technology AeroBarrier, the much anticipated sealing technology, to Launch at IBS


Centerville, Ohio – For builders aiming to achieve high levels of energy performance, it just got easier, thanks to AeroBarrier. AeroBarrier is an affordable; easy to apply solution, that dramatically improves the sealing of the building envelope. The technology is especially useful for builders targeting sealing requirements of LEED, Passive House, ZERH, or the IECC 2012. For the first time, The New American Home (TNAH) will feature this innovative sealing technology.

Chris Benedict R.A. from Architizer, is regarded internationally as a leader in the field of sustainable building design. Benedict works with the most innovative energy efficient builders in the United States. She says the application of AeroBarrier was instrumental in a client’s recent pursuit of Passive House certification on a multi-family project. Benedict states, “Passive House sets the most stringent requirements for compartmentalized sealing, and our project simply was not hitting them with traditional construction strategies.

By applying AeroBarrier, we were able to exceed the requirements.” Benedict said the AeroBarrier application is easy to apply, does not disrupt construction schedule, and is budget friendly, stating that, “the AeroBarrier application is free from workmanship error and eliminates the need for a caulk gun. And, its GREENGUARD Gold Certified.”

Dave Everson, Founder of Mandalay Homes, resonates Benedict’s comments about AeroBarrier. Everson states, “AeroBarrier has been critical to Mandalay’s energy efficiency success and is instrumental in meeting our high performance standards.” Mandalay Homes is a 6-time recipient of the DOE Innovation Award, and for the past three years has certified the most ZERH single-family homes in the United States.

Key points about AeroBarrier and TNAH include:

  • Due to hurricanes, the final energy testing of TNAH is one month behind and is now scheduled for late-December. The energy rater is Two Trails, COO Drew Smith said the home is expected to achieve the National Green Building Standard’s Emerald certification, and the DOE’s ZERH certification.
  • AeroBarrier is the result of four years of research and development at UC Davis. Building science professionals are embracing AeroBarrier as the most significant envelope-sealing break through in recent years.
  • AeroBarrier is available in all U.S. markets. Official launch date is January 2018.

About AeroBarrier: AeroBarrier was developed at University of California, Davis, where it received four years of research and development. In 2017, AeroBarrier launched in beta, with its first use on projects that qualify for the DOE’s ZERH program. AeroBarrier is instrumental for single and multi-family projects targeting the performance requirements of LEED, ZERH, Passive House, and the 2012 IECC or better. Official product launch is scheduled for January 2018.

About TNAM:

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