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The Journal for Light Construction (JLC) published a video we recently shot with the builder and online personality, Matt Risinger.  The video outlines Matt’s experience air sealing with AeroBarrier and how he see it working in his houses.  The article states “Matt first learned about Aerobarrier at the 2018 International Builder’s Show and he got a hankering to try it on his houses in Austin, Texas. What he didn’t expect was how phenomenal it would turn out to be. In short, it allowed him to build the tightest house he has built to date: the house tested in at a stunning 0.3 ACH50.

Matt knows how to promote himself, to be sure. But if you’ve been following him for a while, you know that he is super discerning about the products he promotes. He doesn’t heap praise on new building materials and processes easily, and certainly not without working first-hand with a material or method. Words matter to Matt, which is why it caught our eye when he labeled Aerobarrier “revolutionary“. He doesn’t say that lightly. (It’s worth noting here that Ted Cushman also used such language in his report with Mandalay Home’s Geoff Ferrell in the article, “A Game Changer for Air Sealing?” Mar/18.) It’s worth watching this video to the end to get the full picture of Matt’s claim.”  You can visit JLC and watch the video here.

AeroBarrier envelope sealing is the next big thing from Aeroseal, LLC, the company behind the award-winning, patented duct sealing technology for residential and commercial ductwork. It has expanded the aerosol duct sealing innovation to whole-home envelope sealing.

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