Professional Contractor and TV Personality Mike Holmes from Holmes and Holmes calls AeroBarrier “Revolutionary”


Professional Contractor and TV-Personality Mike Holmes is calling AeroBarrier, “revolutionary” and highly recommends our system to home builders.

“If you are a builder, I recommend looking into this aerosol-spray approach to envelope sealing. It’s a real game changer and we’re excited to be one of the first to share it with you,” says Holmes

Following through with his “Make It Right” motto – he talks about the importance of having a tight building envelope – saying this achievement is a difficult task but is imperative for building healthy and energy efficient homes.

He also focuses on how energy codes are becoming more stringent, but AeroBarrier can eliminate the stress and can help you defeat the blower door test.

 “…[AeroBarrier is] an ingenious, single-step, computer-controlled procedure that can quickly seal an entire home tighter than the most stringent industry standards,” says Holmes, “Imagine: one step, one product, one application and done.”

The 35 year veteran contractor mentions home builders will save time and money when using AeroBarrier – eliminating the guesswork when manually sealing the building envelope. His advice to builders is, AeroBarrier will complete the job at a “fraction of the price and time.”

On his show, Holmes and Holmes– he featured AeroBarrier when sealing an old, leaky home. Within two hours – AeroBarrier was able to eliminate majority of the leaks and made it an energy efficient home by reducing 97% of air leakage in two hours.

Holmes has completed over 220 home renovations and is one of the most trusted celebrities in the North American region. He has been deemed the Third Most Trusted Celebrity by Forbes and Second Most Trusted Canadian by Reader’s Digest, shown on his website.

Safe to say AeroBarrier has Mike’s stamp of approval – You can watch his reaction to our AeroBarrier system by clicking here or read his article about AeroBarrier here.

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