Green Building Advisor Highlights AeroBarrier’s Capabilities


The Green Building Advisor published an article highlighting our AeroBarrier system as a more efficient method when builders seal their home’s building envelope. The article is exceedingly detailed when describing our advanced product and history – divulging into frequently asked questions from builders.

Passive House air tightness is a major concern addressed in the article – along with saving time, money, materials, and when striving to achieve a net-zero energy home. All of these different elements are achievable when using AeroBarrier, mentioning, the process will seal all visible/invisible leaks in a half-day – helping builders reach their desired Air Changes per Hour (ACH) and local IECC regulations. In this short time period, AeroBarrier is faster and will save money on materials – eliminating random air-sealing by hand.

Attesting to the results and how it can save builders money during the process – the article identifies two field tests in California and Minnesota. AeroBarrier tested different techniques – implementing the AeroBarrier sealant before and after spray foam was applied. As mentioned, our patented sealant can be sealed any time after rough-in and up until occupants move in. The test determined that AeroBarrier was able to reduce the ACH to the desired amount and leakage by 75%-85%. You can view the article here.

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