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HOT OFF THE PRESS! The Journal for Light Construction (JLC) published an article about the AeroBarrier technology being a game-changer for airtight construction. JCI contributor Ted Cushman observes, “It’s rare for one innovation to transform a whole industry. But a new air-sealing technology called AeroBarrier may be poised to do exactly that for energy-efficient homebuilding in the United States.” You can read the full article here.

Furthermore, he also noted the tremendous success that U.S. production builders including Mandalay Homes have already experienced with AeroBarrier envelope sealing.

Cushman highlighted that builders now have the ability to bring a building from 15 air changes an hour down to less than one—in just a few hours and more cost-effective. “For the most advanced builders, this puts the 0.6 ACH50 Passive House standard within easy reach. For mass-market production builders, it makes meeting (or beating) code a no-brainer. And for the remodeling industry, it means that even if an existing house is fully drywalled and finished, airtightness to rival the performance of well-built new homes is within reach, without the cost of demolition or reconstruction.” In other words, AeroBarrier is making what was once impossible possible and helping builders build better, more comfortable, and higher quality homes in an economical way.

AeroBarrier envelope sealing is the next big thing from Aeroseal, LLC, the company behind the award-winning, patented duct sealing technology for residential and commercial ductwork. It has expanded the aerosol duct sealing innovation to whole-home envelope sealing. 

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