Zero Energy Project Blog – Is AeroBarrier the Future of Air Sealing?


Bruce Sullivan from the Zero Energy Project recently published a blog discussing AeroBarrier and the benefits it offers to builders and asking the question – Is AeroBarrier the Future of Air Sealing? 

Sullivan walks through the technology and outlines some of the benefits he sees in the technology for builders. While he outlines some of the many benefits AeroBarrier offers, he believes “Best of all, you can dial in a specific level of air tightness to meet a specific energy performance goal.” You can read the entire article here.

What if you could buy an air change (ACH) like you buy a window or flooring?  With AeroBarrier you can!  Whether you are looking to meet 3 ACH50 or 0.2 ACH50, AeroBarrier can guarantee it!  Because the system uses a blower door, real-time leakage results are displayed by the system.  Once you hit the target you stop.  No wasted labor, material, or time.  Most importantly, it takes that guesswork out of sealing the building envelope.  No more having to wait until the until the house is tested to see if it passed or failed, with AeroBarrier you know.

AeroBarrier isn’t just for high-performance or Passive House builders.

It’s for any builder who is looking for a simple, cost-effective way to seal the building envelope no matter what target is desired. Sullivan highlights that “AeroBarrier offers advantages to every building project where air sealing is a priority. The system reduces headaches for builders and speeds construction. While gross sealing measures, such as fire caulking, large penetrations, and hidden air barriers, are still required, the final responsibility is assigned to one subcontractor who can dial in a specific leakage rate in less than one day. In the past, air sealing activities would span virtually every stage of construction, but the result wouldn’t be known until the building was complete and corrections would then be difficult to make.”


What if you could buy an air change like you do insulation or countertops and get exactly what you are looking for? 
What if it your air sealing and ACH target was guaranteed? 
What if it could help you reduce or remove labor, time and material from your build process?
Now you can!  AeroBarrier offers all of these benefits and more! 


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