AeroBarrier is the Key to Mandalay Homes Constructing 3,500 Carbon-Neutral Homes in Arizona


Professional Builder recently published an article about Mandalay Homes and their use of the AeroBarrier technology to make solar and storage feasible for a production builder. You can read the full article here.

For the past five years, Mandalay’s Founder, Dave Everson, was on a mission to scale carbon-neutral (or zero-energy) homes, and offer them as a standard feature on every home they sell. The challenge is making such homes economically feasible and scalable.  Most often, the zero-energy formula is to load a rooftop full of solar panels and ignore budget. For a typical code-built, 2000 square foot home, approximately 60 solar panels are needed to achieve net-zero, at a cost of $60,000.

After years of research and testing different solutions, Mandalay found a solution by marrying AeroBarrier technology with battery storage, resulting in needing only 8 solar panels to achieve net-zero on a typical 2000 sf Mandalay home. Compare this with a typical code built home, and its need for 60 solar panels to achieve net zero. The cost difference between 60 and 8 solar panels is $50,000.

After five years of Everson’s determination, and with the help of technology advancements and market competitiveness, Mandalay has broke ground on 3,500 carbon-neutral homes in the master-planned community of Jasper. Everson states, “At Mandalay, we believe the catalyst to the carbon-neutral community is AeroBarrier and it will be used on every home we build.”

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