AeroBarrier is a product that sounds too good to be true…



EcoHome says AeroBarrier is a product that sounds too good to be true – but achieves its remarkable reputation! They understand the importance of an airtight home and had a first-hand experience with our AeroBarrier system.

Ecohome’s French counterpart Écohabitation was in the process of moving to new office space and decided to give AeroBarrier a try. They identified their new location had an 8.1 ACH leakage – which is relatively high but is not a problem for AeroBarrier. During their seal, AeroBarrier was able to reach their desired 3.8 ACH goal in a short duration of two hours.

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The team of engineers, environmentalists, and home builders provided great insight – saying AeroBarrier is an industry game-changer and eliminates leaks that are inaccessible and/or extensive. They included some of the benefits that are derived from air sealing, like AeroBarrier, mentioning a home without or with poor air sealing will lose heat in the winter, A/C in the summer, and can cause an accumulation of mold.

Don’t let this happen to a home that you’re building and putting your companies name on – contact us today and discover more information about our Award-Winning Patented Technology.

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You can check out EcoHome’s article and an overview video of AeroBarrier Envelope Sealing by clicking here!

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