AeroBarrier Helps This Old House Team with Net-Zero Project


This Old House features AeroBarrier’s Envelope Sealing Technology on a Net-Zero home in Jamestown, Rhode Island.

The Webby Award-winning home improvement show was able to double the square footage of an existing bungalow and use energy efficient measures, such as windows, solar panels, and AeroBarrier to ensure the homeowner achieved Net-Zero.

TV personality Kevin O’Connor defined Net-Zero, saying, “The house will only consume as much energy as it can make, and to get there, we have got to get this house really airtight.”

Achieving an airtight home can be difficult with traditional caulking or other manual sealing methods, which is why AeroBarrier is eliminating the guesswork and able to reach your desired building envelope or Air Changes per Hour (ACH).

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The AeroBarrier team began to seal the home by blocking off designed openings they didn’t want sealed and completed an initial blower door test – indicating a 3.8 ACH50, which is equivalent to a window opened 5 inches.

In under 90 minutes, the This Old House team was able to witness AeroBarrier’s abilities to decrease the ACH to less than 1 ACH50 in real-time and see where our patented sealant filled leaks up to ½ inch.

Plumbing and Heating expert, Richard Trethewey says, “Air Infiltration is a constant battle as we are trying to make a house energy efficient.” also saying, “…there are plenty of places where there are cracks, penetrations, places where air can leave the building, heat that you’ve paid for and cold air can come in.”

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Our patented technology and sealant can help mitigate air sealing issues. We are proud to say that our sealant is ultra-low VOC and has no off gassing.  The sealant is also GreenGuard Gold certified. These certifications guarantee that our product is safe for schools and hospitals.

As we did with the This Old House Team, let AeroBarrier help you achieve Net-Zero, mitigate air infiltration issues, and enable you to meet any energy requirement.

You can watch AeroBarrier’s feature in This Old House by clicking here.

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