AeroBarrier vs. Final Blower Door Tests: Different Results Point to Different Test Preparation


When it comes to measuring the airtightness of a home or building, and how much air is leaking into it, a blower door test is the universally accepted method.

It’s why AeroBarrier uses the test as part of its air sealing process. A structure’s air change rate, or ACH, establishes a baseline of leakage before air sealing. During the AeroBarrier process, our software monitors the ACH as our technology seals leaks in the building envelope and dials in a precise level of airtightness. The before and after leakage is recorded on our certificate to show AeroBarrier’s impact.

If a blower door test is performed after the AeroBarrier process, it will likely have a higher leakage than AeroBarrier has recorded. Initially, this may cause concern. But if you look at how a structure is prepared for each test, it is easy to see why they yield different results.

Consistent Preparation is Critical to Compare Results
As you’ll see below, a structure is prepared differently for the AeroBarrier process than it is for a traditional blower door test.



To ensure sealant doesn’t coat certain surfaces, various envelope components are temporarily covered and secured with tape, including:




Range Hood

Supply and Returns

Bathroom Vents


Blower Door

To create a pressure differential in the structure, various envelope components are left uncovered, in the normal or “as used” position, including:




Range Hood


Mechanical Equipment

AeroBarrier covers and protects all designed openings, including those listed above. When these prep materials are removed, leakage is reintroduced into the structure. And during a final blower door test, these openings are uncovered – and the dampers are hopefully engaged.

This has a big impact on the final results, making it highly likely AeroBarrier results will typically be tighter than a final blower door test.

AeroBarrier results will typically be tighter than a final blower door test.


Guaranteed Results Every Time
Since the application of our technology allows AeroBarrier to dial in the precise airtightness needed, this is an easily addressed, non-issue. We often make the building envelope tighter to accommodate for leakage that will be reintroduced once we have removed prep materials.

In fact, after a few projects with a builder, we better understand the variants between the two tests and can compensate accordingly.

This allows AeroBarrier to meet any leakage goals every time, helping builders go from hoping to knowing they will meet even the most stringent of codes. Guaranteed.

For more details on our air sealing process as well as our guaranteed results, feel free to contact us via info AT aerobarrier DOT net.

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